Author Topic: I feel like upgrading my graphics card  (Read 492 times)

I'm currently using the one that came with my PC. If I wanted a new one, say one that was so good it could even run Blockland on max shaders with minimal lag, (and from Amazon) which would I buy?

Blockland on max shaders with minimal lag
There is no answer to this because Blockland FPS can vary from like >1000 to <10 depending on how many bricks and what effects are on them.
Granted to get to 10 you pretty much have to deliberately spam transparent undulo cylinders

Just say how much you have to spend on it and we'll tell you what's best for the budget
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All depends on what your budget is.

My GTX 750 runs Blockland at max shaders at 60fps, even at high brick counts.
Though I do notice it does sometimes not perform that well.

I'd say go for an EVGA 750ti SC if you see one, their priced around 150 USD.

well we need to know how big your power supply, going to assume it's a 300w in which the gtx 750 ti is your best option

150 USD.

My budget is around this for now, Ipquarx. I'll see about it.