Author Topic: 642 DRAWINGS - Day 239: Root Beer  (Read 77110 times)

sure, i'll join in too

i thought that little line in the corner was a speck on my screen. i feel like a dummy

can you give us the ISBN of the book in the OP

DAY 2: perfume

i stubbed my toe on the way to the desk but mistakes must be made.
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so is this book meant to help with drawing

op better finish it

DAY 3: a lava lamp

wooaaahh psychedelic dude pass the drug joint


its not a fad, its a journey

embrace it

stuffty artist here too, gonna do this as well.
Done via Miiverse (as I'm on a Wii U and I don't have Art Academy).

Edit: removed first two drawings, however they're still on the Miiverse post
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This came out pretty well if I may say so.

DAY 4: best friends
oh hey an open-ended one for once