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I remember many times in which people have posted here about being depressed, considering suicide etc. And a lot of reactions to that are just calling them pussies. Rather than those, I was thinking we could just link them to this thread. The most uplifting way to make people less depressed is simply to remind them that they have a good life. People may of course have genuine depression and this won't help too much. But a number of them don't, and simply need to appreciate what they have.

I'll start.

1. You have a brain that allows you to think clearly and function in a way that allows you to be conscious of the world
2. You have hands that allow you to work with everything mankind has ever created
3. You have working legs, that allow you to walk, run, and jump unhindered. Many people do not have this ability.
4. You have a computer. Only 22% of people in the entire world own or share a computer.

What else can you think of that might make a person appreciate the life they have as much as they should?

5. my lawyer kept me out of jail, i am not in jail
6. i have a faster-than-the majority car
7. i have a reliable car

8. you have an entire forum of people to talk to

5. you have an entire forum of people to talk to

fix your stuff

fix your stuff
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