Author Topic: Blockland is dead?  (Read 6341 times)

1.Overreacting players?? 2. Do 1 thing wrong and you get drama'd 3. Good servers are gone. 4. Badspot wont update the game -_- 5. We may have gotten to steam greenlight but now that greenlight is fading. 6. Less players/Less interesting servers/I don't know what to do on there anymore. 7. Badmins.

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"greenlight is fading"

i love that phrasing hahahaha

No. Thread over, go home folks.

I was wondering if we were gonna hit the quota for august

Press ctrl + k to pay respects

school did just start to many people around the world, of course there aren't going to be as many players.

Okay, another "Blockland died" thread. Now we wait for one to appear in 2016.

The game was just updated on July 1st, 2015. Don't expect updates every week; Badspot has to monitor the forums,, and Blockland itself. I personally think Badspot is doing fine.

Just because you think the game isn't as good as it was when you were, what? 7?
Doesn't mean the game is dead or dying.

Look harder.