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MagicPants said "biased and lame", which is true, but this is also horrible wrong.

AiO did not come about until the first time the forums crashed. This would have been around BLM 1.6 or so.

BLM didn't really have a "staff" of modellers and coders - it was a compilation mod, just how AiO started, that aimed to pull together all of the small mods, maps, and content on the forums into one easy-to-install package. For the better part of BLM's life (up until about 1.4 or so), it had much more quality control than AiO had/has.

You need to go buy a book on, proper, comma, usage.

The Scenario Mod had CTF, not DM, and it was not the first. The first was rain's CTF mod that Scenario was just a repackage of. Scenario mod had nothing of note which is why very few people played it.

Anyway, I think Wedge made one that was a little better. Not sure what the point of a BL history is, especially one that's so wrong.


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I didn't read it, but judging by the page design, I'd say that the people saying it's stupid/lame/biased are right.  I'm locking this modwars crap.