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i made this little kinda short document/ webpage of the history of blockland...tell meh wat u think

Never mind, you fixed it.
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Yea you forgot to mention before the mod packs began there were individual mods to it. EX. Colors, bricks, ect.

Thanks for you opinion, may i ask why its biased and lame?

I made one, but I lost it, and wouldn't re-post it anyways. Didn't really read it.

man its been a long time lol nice history. kinda seems to folow the star wars time line but then again we are nerds and u did use "A New Hope" as a sub title. i can see how mp thinks its biased but then again somehow "the better mod" title is not a biased mod name? may this history grow and flurish lol

heh dude, tbm is not dead. What do you call tbm 2.0 BETA? and aio never had 98% of bl users

Yes it did. More like 80% though.

I frikin hate mods, they should all be shut down i think, just waist time, and most of the time there using a special version of tbm with another mod, stacked ontop of another mod.  I think that mods should die, just play blockland plx.


what are you talking about aducky?. Mods are great, they make Blockland a lot more fun.

i think Capt.Venoms BL history is pretty good. It at least makes things clearer for newbies.

Biased and lame.
^^The ashes still has fire in them.

Anyway, it IS alittle biased, and very...crappy?
I dont know.
I just know it is not reliable.
I read it last time, and it had less info than my "ass" as Rob would put it. :cookieMonster:

I made one, but I lost it, and wouldn't re-post it anyways. Didn't really read it.

Heh I think I still have it...

if there were no mods, then there would be no saving files, no doors, teleporters, or more spraycan colors, or jet pack lag control, fall damage would exist, not many bricks, and getting tons of small modifications seperate would take lots of time. But back on topic, it still seems this historical document is stretched in some places. I don't think you tell enough of how in the beginning it was with people making seperate mods. Good try thoough at this.