Author Topic: 2015/10/13 - The Forgettable Dungeon - Kickstarter complete $17,000 raised!  (Read 100804 times)

atleast it's not made in torque

atleast it's not made in torque
Uhhh... Yes it is.
The engine doesn't matter, it's the end result.

Plus I don't think anyone could actually tell this was torque without seeing the editor or the console.

Working as planned. Pledged $25 for ya!

You actually formatted the skin like the @Team version lol, but I'll clean them up post a shot later. Thanks for backing also!
Oh. I thought I fixed them.
Thank you!

I never really followed the original topic. I may be interested in getting it though.

Showing up as first in new & noteworthy games

Showing up as first in new & noteworthy games

that's ironic considering it's supposed to be the forgettable dungeon

also whoa someone paid $1000

shared it with a group of friends that play cubeworld, trove, and other pixel games and they said it looked pretty cool and that they want to play it

Showing up as first in new & noteworthy games

Yeah, really lucked out with this one.


Going to hit the 24 hour mark in about 17 minutes, so close to 3,000!

Thanks for all the support so far guys, I sent the game out to a lot of sites today I'm hoping that some will pick it up.

Edit: What sites do you guys go on to get gaming news? I submitted the game to a bunch already but I honestly don't know what's the hip stuff these days.
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steam or humble bundle is the only place i go for games

Not an indie site, but more of an indie player. I watch paulsoaresjr to find new and interesting indie games. He has over 1 million subscribers, and helped The Escapists and Stonehearth get popular. Stonehearth was originally a kickstarter and is now one of the top funded.

Paul is very into games like this, and he even has a steam page for suggesting games for him. If you could offer him the kickstarter build to play it, it could boost popularity by a great amount. I know he is into rouge and adventure games, so it could be a great match.

A game similar to this called Delver is a great example:
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Just donated 40.  Wishing you luck on this!