Author Topic: Best CITY RPG Add on 2015?  (Read 759 times)

I'm currently building a city RPG server but it looks like all the game types are really outdated or messed up in someway. Aoiki's has a backdoor? I edited the name of a single month in Iban's and it broke it, and rp_core is from 2009. Iphone's game mode might work but I can't find it.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

I would release mine but it's still in development. You can check on progress here:

Aoiki's has a backdoor?
For some reason, CityRPGs are notorious for having back doors.
Every CityRPG on these forums either has a back door or is a piece of stuff (at the very least, I've never found one myself that didn't apply to at least one of those two categories).
If I were you, I'd either make my own or keep an eye on Kyuande's.

Looks pretty cool Kyuande. I'll definitely be interested in seeing how that develops. Can't really wait on release right now though. And yeah I don't know why they all have back doors or are broken there's always a weird drama around CRPGs.

Yeah. Another reason why hosting a CRP is hard is because you have to maintain it so much.

you would be better off to ask in the Suggestions and Requests board