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We can discuss this here, without crapping up the resource link thread.  

I'm leaning towards this being the modification help forum and all of the active mod progress threads being moved to general discussion.  
There are already a ton of these threads in GD and they appeal to people who are not modders.

Unmixing everything at this point could be done, but would be quite difficult, so please consider that.  
Also consider if you are literally this guy:

Edit: Now this thread is sticky too, so you can't complain that I'm trampling your human rights or whatever by deleting discussion from the other thread.

Darryl McKoy:
Yeah moving the active mod projects to GD would probably work. Something just needs to be done so the help requests don't get pushed down by all the current projects.

why not combine this with the help board then?

I think add-on development threads should have a sub-forum near add-ons or something. (probably not since you're trying to clean up dead sub-forums(and the difficulty of sorting that out))
General Discussion, in my opinion, works best as a server/hosting thread and general discussion forum. would be noisy with mod development threads piling in there.

the most prominent topics in GD tend to be server/mod stuff anyway. i'm mostly concerned about people asking for help being obscured by people announcing their work, so as long as those are ultimately separate i'm fine

--- Quote from: PurpleMetro on October 29, 2015, 01:16:53 AM ---why not combine this with the help boatd then?

--- End quote ---
because help is specifically for problems relating to running/playing the game and these are about help for modding purposes

those are two very different subjects


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