Plant or Plants?

Homicidal Plant
2 (15.4%)
Homicidal Plants
11 (84.6%)

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Author Topic: What's a Better Band Name? (Plant vs. Plants) Now with Poll  (Read 420 times)

So me and my friend are making a band apparently. He basically dragged me into it because I'm his only friend who can play guitar. I was in charge of making the name and I made up "Homicidal Plant". Now he says it should be "Homicidal Plants". Neither make any sense but I feel like Plant sounds better

Please, Blockland Forums, help us decide what sounds better. I'm adding a poll in a few minutes after typing this post.
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is this what happens in most bands

if it's a band with more than one person (which it is) then "Homicidal Plants" would sound more sensible