Author Topic: what are some flaws you observe in society nowadays?  (Read 834 times)

people saying "i could care less"

the media. its the cause of 99% of our problems.

why do people want to ban the confederate flag and not the cool kids club? because the media didnt tell them to be upset with the cool kids club.

you have the right to wave that flag. you have the right to be in the cool kids club.

that flag is hung on poles. the cool kids club goes around and discriminates against black people directly.

why would u be more concerned over the flag instead of the cool kids club? because the media isnt talking about the cool kids club
also this

People are ignorant because of the media. They tell us what is and isn't relevant  to support the two main ideologies - if one media group (Fox) can hyper-pander to conservatives, and the other (CNN) can hyper-pander to liberals, then everyone is forced to pick one or the other, boosting both stations' revenues and upholding a monopoly biopoly. They gain to prevent public education, because then they might start having dissenting political views, which would take away revenue! It's a vicious cycle - people listen purely to Fox/CNN because they're ignorant, and they're ignorant because they listen purely to Fox/CNN.

people saying "i could care less"
"i could care less [regardless of the miniscule level of caring that i am already at]"

everyone i know goes "yeah it'd be awesome if girls didn't wear bras" yet at the same time society isn't accepting of that

like, what
what society are you talking about because i'm pretty sure that everybody wants girls to not wear bras
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