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In light of Base Raiders being public, I guess I have to write a guide for all the new people.

What is it?
Basically in Base Raiders, the goal is to get more money, a better base, and to destroy everything everyone else has. You make/join a gang, find an empty building and start your base there, build printers to print money, buy bricks and weapons to defend your printers with, and/or raid other people.
Some bricks take up a certain amount of city power and require at least that much power available to plant them. The maximum city power is the number of people in the minigame x 8. If there is no city power available, you can't plant some bricks. The used city power will go down when you delete some of your own bricks that take up city power, or when you destroy someone else's.

This gamemode is divided into two phases, usually lasting 3 minutes each. In the building phase you build up your own base(all bricks cost money to place), recruit gang members(explained below), or scope out other people's bases to raid(explained below). It's impossible to hurt people in this phase.
During the fighting phase you can hurt anyone that's not in a spawn. In this phase you either defend your own base from raiders, or raid other people. People will drop some money and all of their weapons when they die.

Gangs are a group of your homies. If you're in the same gang you can't hurt each other, you share bricks, and you can team chat together. It's the peeps that you defend and raid with.
You can either start your own gang with /makeGang [GANG NAME] or someone can invite you to their already existing gang with /invite [PLAYER NAME]. You can leave the gang you're in at any time with /leaveGang, or if you're the owner you can disband the gang with /disbandGang. The leader of a gang can also promote or demote the gang's members to other ranks with /setRank [Member, Colonel, Commander, or Owner] [PLAYER NAME(or use their BL ID if they're offline)].
Any member of a gang can turn one of the gang's brick into a door with /makeDoor. Members of your gang can now open this door by clicking on it.
Different ranked people have different abilities.
Colonels can invite other people to the gang(With the command mentioned above) and cancel invites that people have received to join your gang(/cancelInvite [PLAYER NAME]).
Commanders can rename the gang(/renameGang [NEW NAME]), kick people from the gang(/gangKick [PLAYER NAME(or use their BL ID if they're offline)], and do everything colonels can do.
The gang owner can disband the gang(mentioned above), set the ranks of people in the gang(mentioned above), and do everything the lower ranks can do.

Printers are the lifeblood of your existence. They drop money for you over time. The manual printer is the only printer that doesn't take city power, but(as implied by the name) you need to power it up every now and then by clicking it. The other printers are more expensive, but they take require city power and run automatically. The better the printer, the faster it prints money.

Any brick that's not part of the default map can be destroyed using almost any weapon(Use /buy to buy a weapon,  spawn one on one of your bricks, use an item barrel, or get one from a storage crate). The fireaxe is the cheapest weapon there is, while the handcannon is the cheapest gun.
You can either raid people solo style, or do it with your gang. The goal is to kill them, break into their base, find their special bricks(printers, storage crates, item barrels, health boxes, and safes), and get money for destroying them. You also free up city power when you destroy some of their bricks, so it's a good idea to have someone back at your base ready to claim it.

Storage Crates
Storage crates are useful when you collect items from people you've killed or for when you use item barrels.
With storage crates you can put any sort of weapons in them and take them out whenever you need them. Use /put while holding the desired item and looking at the storage crate to put an item in it.
When you click a storage crate, you get a list of the items inside of it, each with a number next to it. Use /take [NUMER THAT WAS NEXT TO THE ITEM NAME IN THE LIST THAT WE JUST TALKED ABOUT IN THE LAST SENTENCE] to take an item out of the storage crate. But be aware! Anyone can put items in or take items out of your storage crate, even if they're not in your gang.

Item Barrels
Item barrels are for buying weapons in bulk and getting a sweet discount. You use them by spawning an item on them, just like you would any other brick and then click the barrel to retrieve one of the items. The only downside is that it takes time for the item barrel to make the items, the more expensive the item, the longer it'll take.
Be aware! Anyone can take an item out of your item barrel, wether they're in your gang or not.

Health Boxes
Health boxes are bricks that heal you when you click them. Health boxes can only heal you a certain amount before they run out. Regular health boxes are simply deleted when they run out of health stored inside of them. Electric health boxes recharge after they've been used, but they required city power.
Be aware! Anyone can use your health boxes, even if they're not in your gang.

Safes do exactly what you would expect. They store your money. Use /deposit [NUMBER] while looking at a safe to put money in it. Use /withdraw [NUMBER] to take it out.
Be aware! Anyone can deposit/withdraw from your safe, even if they're not in your gang.

1. Listen to and respect the admins.
2. No building in someone else's base(If it has no default ceiling then it's no man's land and doesn't count).
3. No going outside the build.
4. No building outside the build.
5. No blocking other people's bases with bricks.
6. No blocking people in with bricks(if they're too stubborn to move or if they're in your base and you simply repaired it/they won't leave it, then you're not blocking).
7. No blocking up any spawn(must leave at least one side and the roof open).
8. No spamming(chat, mass brick spam, etc).
9. No placing sentries out in the open.

Just a list of all the non-admin commands included in Base Raiders.

/donate [NAME] [AMOUNT] - Donate money to someone.
/dontSpawnWithTools - Makes it so you don't spawn with and can't pick up hammers, wrenches, or printers. Use again to turn off. You can still obtain them with /buy for $5 each.
/buy - Buy an item/weapon.
/put - Use while looking at a storage crate. Puts the item you're holding in the crate.
/take [ITEM NUMBER] - Use while looking at a storage crate. Takes an item out of the crate.
/deposit [AMOUNT] - Use while looking at a safe. Puts that much money into the safe.
/withdraw [AMOUNT] - Use while looking at a safe. Takes that much money out of the safe.
/repo - Repossesses the brick you're looking at for a partial refund(doesn't work on barricades). Also works on placed sentries.
/listGangs - Lists all the gangs in the server.
/makeGang [NAME] - Create a gang.
/renameGang [NAME] - Renames your gang to that name.
/disbandGang - Disband your gang.
/invite [NAME] - Invite someone to your gang.
/cancelInvite [NAME] - Cancels that person's invite to your gang.
/joinGang - Accept an invite to a gang.
/declineGang - Decline an invite to a gang.
/gangKick [NAME] - Kick someone from your gang.
/leaveGang - Leave the gang you're in.
/setGangRank [NAME] [RANK] - Set the rank of someone in your gang.
/gang [OPT: PERSON'S NAME] - List all the members of your gang, or the gang of that person.
/makeDoor [OPT: TIME(MS)] - Turn(almost) any of your bricks into a "door" that's only usable by your gang. Click to open.
/unMakeDoor - Convert doors back into barricades.
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Well written. Will definitely use if I forget something.

Moved to actual thread.

After wasting money on a Sniper and a Battle Rifle I found out I couldn't be killed or kill anyone. I couldn't even kill myself. It would give me the little damage emitter but I wasn't dying. 0/10 would not play again

Also get more admins. People were spamming landmines on spawns.
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Please understand that it's still in beta and there's bound to be bugs and stuff.
I'll have the day off Friday and I'll work on fixing bugs and prevent land mines from being placed in spawns then.

The other day when I tried to take money out of a safe and it wouldn't let me...said only the gang members could deposit, yet I typed withdraw.

It wasn't my gangs safe either..

The other day when I tried to take money out of a safe and it wouldn't let me...said only the gang members could deposit, yet I typed withdraw.

It wasn't my gangs safe either..
Fixed it.

Thanks, I needed this.