Author Topic: Blockland Crashing on Start-up (fixed)  (Read 802 times)

I have already (kinda) fixed this problem, but I'm posting the solution incase anyone else has this issue.
If you've developed or is helping developing one of these problem add-ons, please see if you can fix.

So I turned on blockland, and it crashed on startup.
After testing a couple times, it turns out Support_Updater, Gamemode_Slayer and System_BlocklandGlass are causing my client to crash. I'm not sure why because it just crashes when it tries to create a tcpobject.
I removed these from my add-ons folder and the problem seems to be gone.
I've attached a console.log of the game on startup. The only reason why the trace starts near the end is because the game crashes before getting to the main menu if I attempt to use -trace.

However, is this a problem with the add-on? I haven't heard anyone else getting this issue so it could just be me. If you're convinced it's just me who's being dum, tell me how I could potentially fix this and I'l try.

I believe it's an issue of Blockland Glass interfering with the updater. Remove that and you should be fine. Then download the newest blg version from their website.

Glass doesn't interfere with the operation of the Updater whatsoever. The problem is the same RTB is encountering I believe; with all the RTB add-ons you have, when the TCPClient tries to check for any RTB imports available, the string is longer than the 4K limit. I'll try to release a fix later tonight, but you'll need to download it manually.