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    With 70+ members, the Blockland Unofficial Discord Server is an albeit small, but growing community.
    Discord is the app you want to replace Skype, Teamspeak, and all other inferior voice/text chat clients.
    Discord is built with a modern UI, and an amazing UX.
    Just like it says on the website, you'll never want to use anything else.

    Administration Team
    Forty People
    Silico Deoxy

    Click the purple banner up top to get started and join the server, or otherwise click here Temporary Instant Invite links are allowed if you are showing a channel to a friend, but please no permanent ones. If you want to apply for an admin position, please message me (in whatever form you want)! The current team of admins are on the left, and quick-invite links to the public servers are on the right.

    Below are four basic rules you should follow to ensure you don't get in trouble by any of the admins. They will enforce these rules, so be cautious about what you do.

    • No spamming the channels, or screaming over any of the voice channels
    • No trap links, advertising servers, etc. Nudity/research/gore goes in #misc-nsfw
    • Treat everyone with respect, this ain't no clique
    • Use common sense
    Channel List

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      let me recall that
      if purplemetro can manage this server better than i can manage mine, i have no problem with switching over

      the only thing is is that i'm also on a private server so i use my real name so a few people get confused as to who i am haha

      Moderator Application
      Discord Name: Your name on Discord: i'm Aidan10 on it.                               
      ID: Your ID on Blockland: 43061
      Timezone: Your timezone: Indiana
      Recommendations: Recommendations to hire you from other people, if any: I don't have any but i can explain why i want to apply.
      What would you do: Explain why you should be hired: If i get moderator i will make sure that there wont be excessive amounts of spam, make sure nobody posts fishy links, help people if they need assistance in the discord channel, i can do all of this and then some.

      Moderator Application
      Discord NameSwollow
      RecommendationsHere are all the servers I can remember administrating on
      Jam Jar
      What would you doI will administrate, offer assistance, and ensure the peace

      Moderator Application
      Discord Name: Your name on Discord Badspot/guy                                       
      ID: Your ID on Blockland 86215
      Timezone: Your timezone Eastern time
      Recommendations: Recommendations to hire you from other people, if any Cone2
      What would you do: Explain why you should be hired Remove any violations of BLF rules or if its a innapropite gif/image then i would moderate straight away. Times are atleast 4PM to 10PM but if i get off days then its any time to 12AM or 11PM

      Discord Name: Nayols                                      
      ID: 25407
      Timezone: US Eastern
      Recommendations: None
      What would you do: Check over the images and videos people sent to make sure it's not going overboard and limit spam, and follow the rules on the forums (mainly no phishing links and/or scam links). I will only moderate text chat though.
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      Moderator Application
      Discord Name: Forty People                                       
      ID: 29686
      Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
      Recommendations: No real recommendations, but I have past experience hosting a few Blockland servers and skype groups.
      What would you do: I'll generally maintain the peace, and try to break up arguments. I can also moderate the voice chat, if necessary.

      Moderator Application
      Discord Name: Tidium                                     
      ID: 3503
      Timezone: GMT -7:00 (Arizona/MST)
      Recommendations: None I guess, you can ask the others on the old Discord server
      What would you do: I currently moderate 3 other personal Discord servers and was responsible for 40 of my friends' exodus from Skype to Discord. I ran the old BL Discord server but it never quite took off.
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      Ill definitely join this when I get back to my desktop after Thanksgiving break.