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Here's a gamemode I procrastinated on releasing for a long time, all because there were two things I never was arsed to finish.
You can view features here.
The Trello page has been edited for a new gamemode.
Basic list of features:
- Kill zombies.
- Buy guns in a store.
Fancy sounds, custom guns, custom zombie mod, etc. etc.

The released version does not include the upgrading base because it was never fully implemented to a stable state.

This also contains a lot of edited add-ons, as well as an old version of Slayer which is needed to run this. Which means, you'll be better off just moving your current add-ons folder to a new location, making a new one, and placing all the files in the provided .zip in there for the time being. It contains everything necessary.

If there are any glitches or if something doesn't work how you think it's meant to, send a reply to the thread.
( By the way, once you start the game, if the signs don't show up by themselves, just restart the mini-game. )

I encourage you to look through the files and see how things are done. You may also rip out sounds and use them however you'd like. etc. etc.

Also too lazy to give all credit but just know that the Forest was built by F1sh and the mall was from Sumz city.
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This looks interesting, trying it out now.

Edit: That's pretty cool, good job on it.
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It is criminally vulgar that this amazing, high-quality, high-production game mode has received little attention

It relies heavily on script-kiddie scripts and eventing to make everything work and I heard from some of the big boys that scripting is where things get real.

No matter how well this would've been done, I'm pretty sure the pure fact that I didn't script anything fancy for it is why it's not getting any attention.

you also didn't post any pictures or appropriate/complete description of it

Had the Trello up there but I've obviously changed that for my new project. too laze to post pictur

This seems interesting, I'll have to check it out...