Author Topic: satan is coming for me, 665 pms  (Read 1364 times)

how the forget do you get that many messages

just be cool
(tornado kirby deleted 30 messages forget YOU TORANDO)

hey guys fill my pms xD
Hey, Maxx°, you have 38 messages, 0 are new.
February 06, 2016, 02:16:41 PM

My PM's have stayed at a consistent 42 for several weeks. It's kinda humorous.
If you're going to PM me just because of this, at least make it good.
I guess this thread became the second "post your PM's" thread, huh?

hey i'd come for you too

which is half of 6666
that's 666 PLUS another 6! 1/4 more evil!
actually thats 1/3 more evil

Purple's soul is nice
it made me a cup of tea

i poisoned the tea
god where ARE YOU

i poisoned the tea
god where ARE YOU
God is dead and giant tootsie rolls ate him


Accept Satan's loving embrace. Open up your soul for him. Only then will you truly be free.