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Event - Bot Spawn Item

This is an event I made a while back for my brother's RPG server

BotSpawnItem expands upon the default BotDropItem event, by adding
X Y Z functionality for drops. The drop chance variable slider is now a string also.

How can I use this?
This event is extremely useful when paired with VCE, it allows bots to drop multiple items
with varying chance rates and in different directions.

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holy stuff cool, all these addons recently have been real nice for RPGs

mmm yes absolutely amazing thank you

Is it relative to where the bot is facing?

If so it would be interesting if you could create supply bots in DMs which would sometimes come through and drop weapons for players.

I can only imagine the possibilities.
Killing bots and having them drop coins...
Killing zombie bots and giving them a chance to drop weapons...
Maybe even having a specific bot drop something for a mission...

Anyway, great add-on. This is gonna be great for my Dark Souls-like minigame I'm going to be making.