Author Topic: How to get dad to unfollow me on Twitter?  (Read 2881 times)

So recently, my dad followed me on Twitter, and I really honestly don't want him to see my tweets. I don't tweet anything that bad, but sometimes I see a tweet that might be offensive or soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning, and I can't retweet those to my cool followers anymore because he'll see them.

-I tried blocking and unblocking him once before. Worked for a month, and he found out. I told him it was a glitch with Twitter at the time, don't think he'll believe me.
-Going private won't work, he's already following me.
-I don't want to ask him to unfollow me since he'd think I'd start to do fishy things on Twitter, like watch research or join CIA.who watches research on twitter anyway

BLF, I don't know if anyone here uses Twitter often, or at all, but I need help. I can't tweet or retweet any cancerous edgy memes anymore because he follows me. Help.

alternate account
Mine has 1.7k followers though. I don't want to abandon that :(

tell your dad to h*ck off

tell your dad to h*ck off
hey knock off the swearing keep it family friendly

tell your dad to h*ck off
be quiet bro my dad might yell at me

tell him hes old and you dont want him on your twit

Kill him and then go on his twitter and make his account unfollow yours. Works every time.

Discuss the possibilities of post-birth abortion with your grandparents.

tell your dad to -real bad word- off
stop this channel is family friendly

retweet some weirdo things that will make your dad too uncomfortable to bring it up with you

Why do you care what he thinks?

Block him, go private, then unblock him.

Post pictures of your ass
With the text "For you dad *giggle* :p"