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Author Topic: Filipe1020 Add-Ons Topic - Closing (Page 67)  (Read 159989 times)

Welcome to my Add-Ons Topic, the place where I'll be releasing content from time to time, enjoy!

Make sure to download the BlocklandGlass Support Add-On to receive updates on these add-ons.

Before you download any cars, make sure to download the Custom Vehicle Support!

This is required to make them work, it's a mod that allows you to customize your car, to use it aim at a car and type /garage.





The tennis racket was a model developed by me with the 3D Models and Carbon Zypher with the Coding

Comes in red and blue variants. [for teams!]
Auto-arcing projectile! [no more breaking your neck!]
Animated tennisball [for realism!]
Sounds that you can hear from far away! [for realism!]
Works just like the ping-pong ball! [similarity!]

Here is where videos where my Add-Ons can show up, feel free to contact me if you want your video to be here as well!

Fierra Rosso and Dalton Evasion are now Released! WATCH

New Vehicles Released! WATCH

Change Log

Rampanti Ventoro got released!


Q: Why you mostly make cars?
A: They're the most fun to work with, and I'm a gearhead myself, but I'll be opening the horizons for different types of add-ons.

Q: Why you never have an exact release date for any of your add-ons?
A: Life gets in the way, things can happen, so I always avoid to give an exact date and disappoint people for not releasing it on the right time, instead I sometimes when the add-on is almost done, I announce that it will be released on the next few days or around the week, but when it's not that, my answer will always be "when it's done."

Q: Why some of your cars has "Mk2" on the name?

A: Mk2 stands for "Mark 2", which means it's the second generation of a car I previously made, the reason I add that is to allow you to have both the old and the new car enabled on your server, so you can compare both.

Q: What can we expect in the near future?

A: Only time will tell

Q: Where is the Bus Pack?
A: On hold, but I will bring it back eventually don't worry.

Q: Why you don't accept requests?
A: It's not that I don't accept them, but I did the mistake of filling myself up with plenty of stuff to work with at the same time, so adding more to the mix would be too much for me.

Q: Any more cars from the 1st generation you plan to remake?
A: Of course, but I'll only point out the most important ones, Phantom, Outlet, Hyperion, Charger, Venom and Dominator

To download the 1st generation vehicles, go here
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Wonderful job as always Filipe!

forever waiting on the new jeep remake lool

these vehicles all look amazing dude. thanks for the amount of effort you put into them, it really pays off
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Filepe we still going to do that movie?

The lozere and Dirt Modified are amazing.

But my favorite is still the Rosso.

Filipe we still going to do that movie?
Of course, contact me on steam when possible

still the first page, time to settle

There will be a new release later today or tomorrow ;)