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Author Topic: Filipe1020 Add-Ons Topic - Closing (Page 67)  (Read 145140 times)

So we're back eh? What a ride.

So we're back eh? What a ride.
Ride might not be over yet

Any future plans on an ATV?

Make a invisible bike. I want to make a crazy frog server

Update: The Bike Pack V2 Update will be arriving shortly, I'll upload it on Blockland Glass to make it available for download.

The Bike Pack V2 Update including all the new motorcycles is out, leave your feedback here once you get to try it out!

eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyy

The new version of the bike pack is a great improvement with the new additions. The police bike, chopper, and sport bike are the ones I find to be most useful of the new ones, I missed those types of bikes with the original version of this add-on. I am glad they are finally here!

Also will you ever plan to make a coupe version of the Hachiroku?

Bump, I released a new vehicle today called Peel, but I decided for it to have it's own topic, check it out here!

Holy stuff that looks nice