Author Topic: Bringing maps back!  (Read 16083 times)

kompressor        Alright, so I'll start this off by saying it's been an awful last 3 years, ever since I blew up
                         bedroom, the servers have gone to poop for the most part, and I think bringing maps back will boost the player-count, bring back old good servers, and we can find new  
                         ways to update
                         Blockland, shadows and shaders was honestly just a sales ploy, and we succeded, Badspot and I made over 600,000 within the first year when released on steam.

                         I'm taking over Blockland, Badspot has decided to go back to Something awful, so we're going to make blockland great again!

Make blockland horrible again

no no i dont want shaders to go away anymore :(

come on. visit us ingame sometimes instead!

You guys are bad at taking profile identification, unless it just looks bad on my iPod. Also all posts are hidden in profiles.