Author Topic: Blockland Hub (BLH)  (Read 1461 times)

Hi there. I made a few things for Blockheads to chat with each-other.
First of all, I made an iFunny account called Blockland Hub where me and other people post Blockland related things.
Secondly, I made a Kik Chat for Blockheads to talk with eachother (for those people who cannot chat through Steam because of the five dollar rule).

iFunny account:     (If you are on mobile just search BlocklandHub)
To join the Kik chat please leave your kik below or private message me and I will add you to the group as soon as I can.
(No logo yet since I don't want to make one unless I get some people to join the clan)
Add 'BLH' as your clan tag if you are following us.

Me (Bluefire)

Not to be rude but do many people use kik anymore?

Also this seems like it's in the wrong board, this isn't really a clan so much as it's just a chatroom.

If a clan has been formed and the centre of the clan is the chatroom, then it's fine to post it here.