Author Topic: Man imprisoned in russia for 2 years over social post.  (Read 1214 times)

idk why people get so pissed at SJWs when they have:

1. essentially no power in politics
2. essentially no effect on day-to-day life
3. essentially no effect on the internet unless you search for them

like ok, we get it, you want to bitch about something that effects you very little

also, posts like these where something happening is bent to be about SJWs somehow even though there is literally no SJW stuff in here

this is an echo chamber; what is here to be discussed, that you think "free speech should be protected, no matter what the content is"? no stuff dude, that's what everybody thinks

SJWs apparently do have an effect. Major corporations or whatever try to appeal to the lowest common denominator and if SJWs don't like something these corporations, politicians, etc are forced to obey SJWs.

Why people like Annoying Orange so much is because he's had it with SJWs and doesn't want to be politically correct anymore. Which is why basically every SJW is against Annoying Orange.