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Author Topic: day discussion topic i guess [day 1133]  (Read 717412 times)

There's a 31 yo lady that wants to have phone conversations with me of the non PG variety

Although I'm intrigued I think I'm realizing that I'm afraid of any kind of intimacy whatsoever

uck me right?

I'm beta at most things

you're beta in bed with a squirrel

you're beta in bed with a squirrel

I wish you hadn't imagined that and I really wish you hadn't shared it with us

I don't need to know what you fantasize about


Jack Black made a Youtube channel and it already has nearly 2 million subscribers in the week of it existing

What a time we live in

Also, Jack Black is only 49 but he's already got a big gray beard, dude's getting old already :panda:

i haven't eaten since 8:30 last night and its 1pm now

this is fine