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Author Topic: day discussion topic i guess [day 1133]  (Read 717377 times)

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should i open a bank account at 1st bank? they have some stuff about getting $300 if u open an account and get $500 in direct deposit in 2 months. i might do it because free money and i get much more than that in two months

do or no

nvm they're loving gay and want me to direct deposit the 500 in one check. the only time that has happened was the holidays where i got stuff tons more hours

this is the one time i wish my pay was every 2 weeks instead of every week
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it's ya boi

what did you get.
Edit: what did you get, skinny snake.
« Last Edit: January 05, 2019, 10:55:55 AM by Nigel The Protagonist »

what did you get.
Edit: what did you get, skinny snake.
double cheeseburgers disguised as mcdoubles that secretly had mayo instead of mustard and no pickles
and a dr pepper no ice

so employees get a free small meal on break and one item was a mcdouble right
i worked overnight at the time i took the pic and i was easily able to get away with having a large double quarter meal with tons of added stuff for some time, then the idiot managers forgot to take inventory for tons of product, and that with our extra thicc meals added to about $10000 in like 20 days
im not saying we were perfect little angels but the managers made the franchise co owner think people were exclusively stealing food from them. this resulted in tiny meals again (eh it was fine) as well as locking the door to the walk in fridge. we had to ask a manager to go in and they would have to go unlock it for us and babysit us until we get the stuff we need. that only made me put a little less extra stuff on burgers but im not saying it was fine to

sorry i just rambled on about stuffty mcdonalds burgers that no one should buy but a lot of people do anyway because forget cooking