Author Topic: Blockland is now a Ghost Town  (Read 1585 times)

I left a few years back noticing I could not host a stable server. Now that I have a PC 3 years later, it appears the game is abandoned. Mostly due to RTB, Steam referation, and out-dated, but it's still fun.

Look at skyrim for instance, it can be modded and it's still played, yet they don't update that stuff anymore. Apparently SOMETHING must've happened. And if we can, we need to revive this great game.

#43? Blockland is dead thread much?

rip bl guys go home game over

I don't think it's very fair to compare Blockland to Skyrim

Why are you comparing Skyrim to Blockland, are you high OP?

skyrim is singleplayer

Then I overexaggerated, but you get what I mean.

skyrim is being updated

It seems OP is suffering from some sort of sleep deprivation, given that he's comparing this small /indie sandbox game/ to a /professionally-made open world RPG/.
Seriously, OP, are you actually high?