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The Pit of 100 Trials
Fight downwards through 100 dungeon rooms!
Defeat enemies and bosses!
You can team up with players, or go by yourself

you start out in a lobby with a few shops to power yourself up. these are not permanent. they go away when you die.
you move one-way through a series of dungeon rooms filled with baddies, kill them all to proceed and gain score.
there are little base camps scattered with loot and points, and maybe even some item sellers (at outrageous prices!)

team up with other server players to fight as a group!

there are multiple systems in place to reduce any sponaneous bugging but there still might be a wonk-out. sorry.

lobby. shops. buy stuff.

go down the chute, begin your adventure

entrances to the dungeons (they will be identical)

your typical pit room

your typical weapon shop

your typical healing item shop

it's getting tense down here

great evening for going underground

now with actual pits

the sun, she is beautiful, no?

dungeon looting

also caves


i had to really really hurry up these fast few days. i am going on hiatus and i needed to make every moment count to finish this beforehand. which is why i am a bit. on edge. and made a few social mistakes. but now it's finished.

it was

so hard


sorry for spamming general discussion with the dev log for 6 months

i have a massive burnout

ok bye

(contains all the add-ons, all the music, the gamemode, etc. there is a README as well.)
(read the README to learn how to start the server! it's really easy.)
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would you say...
it was quite the trial making this??
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Pit of 100 Trials
100 Trial Version

WaterOre (7307) - Idea (a year+ ago)  
The Resonte! (23546) - Creation
IkeTheGeneric (18600) - Variable Conditional Events (VCE) assistance and item shop quick guide
Drydess (31596) - Variable Conditional Events (VCE) assistance and procurement
Hodot (18947) - Server meetup, private testing hosting, thoughts, bot and weapon testing, and multiple add-ons obtained
Moppy (4190) - Red Potion obtained
rggbnnnnn (46795) - Hosting the 50-Trial testing server. Which is great!
Conan (4928) - Hosting the 99-Trial testing server. Which is great!
Conan (4928) - Hosting the 100-Trial testing server. Which is great!

PlayerScaleStatue bricks by Conan (4928)
Variable Conditional Events (VCE) assistance and item shop quick guide by IkeTheGeneric
Variable Conditional Events (VCE) assistance and allowed through by Drydess
Advice on how to handle the shop system also by Drydess
Server meetup, thoughts, and bot and weapon testing by Hodot
Bot_Zombie_Tank and Dueling Weapons, and more obtained via Hodot
Private server hosting by Hodot
Really cool scriptwork and talk by Conan
Cool enemy ability ideas by Bushido
Super cool Health Bar system by Gytyyhgfffff
Music is given by Navar0nius (Cybertails1998)

Player Scale Statue Bricks made by Conan
Dragons are an addon made by Hydralisk & ArmyUnit & Lordican
Brachiosaurus is an addon made by AlphaBlock
Mutalid by Hydralisk and ArmyUnit
Event_Variables (VCE) by "Zack0Wack0, Clockturn, Chrono, Truce and Lilboarder"
Event_FullScale by Visolator
Event_addItem by Zack0Wack0
Speed Potion by Electrk
Regular potions by Bob
Potions remade by jes00, massive credit to him
Red Potion obtained by Moppy
Pixel Spells by Ghille (modified for fixes)
Medieval Bots by Electrk
Skeleton Bot by phydeoux
Fake Wand (Second Sight) created by Conan, on a request
Item Syringes, Fireworks, and Flintlock weapons by Gravity Cat
Quake-Type weapons by Bushido
Old School weapons by Khain
Divine Spear by Tuevon / SWAT one
Spooky weapons by Legoboss
Rocket Spammer by Crystalwarrior
Reaching Lights also by The Resonte!
MPunch weapons - The Resonte!
Ability Bots and Expansion Bots by The Resonte!
Fan Shield by Khain (Model) and The Resonte! (scripts)
Corrupted Sword and Life Scythe by Conan (Sword Model) and The Resonte! (scripts)

and that's it. that's all that matters in this thread.

and uh, thank you all for existing for the developmental process. you can host a server for your friends as a huge team or try to play with others or speedrun it hilariously or i don't know.

thank you all who made this possible. the hosters (rggbnnnnn, Conan) the add-on makers (Visolator, jes00) the scripter (Conan) and modelers (Khain, Conan)

and of course

all those who put their ideas in the table which i then mixed into a fine slurry

i really hope there's no gamebreaking bugs i left in, most notably the final boss. that would be tragic. i guess you can discuss it. wrench random bricks until something works. hm.

i'm going to leave off here. for a while in fact.

so, so long, best of luck, and most of all!

have fun!

wait are you leaving bl or something

wait are you leaving bl or something
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~on hiatus~
if i dont return by september find me
oh stuff well i'll miss you well you're away

oh stuff well i'll miss you well you're away


best of luck


so long, and thanks for all the fish the gamemode

glad to see this released. will definitely play this. oh, and



best of luck


happy 14400th post. see you later this september, friendo.

Hosted this last night for me and a few friends to play.
Took us a good three hours to beat the game, and the final boss was hectic.

Found a few problems though:
When starting a room, sometimes the enemies would appear then disappear quickly after (only happened about four times)

When using one of the potions (hoarse, mutalid, tank) it would change your playertype but make you unable to jump high;
which made it impossible to beat the later levels

The second shop (the one at level 50) didn't work at all.

We also got confused on the way you talk to NPC's, with the 4 of us, we weren't sure if an NPC was broken or not since they didn't talk.

During the later levels, we also weren't sure if the level was broken or not, we had to search the mazes all over and never found the last enemies
for the door to open, so we had to cheat past a good 15-16 levels. (did like 10 minutes of searching)

Some levels used after school special, which means a song probably didn't load. (You may have forgot to put a song in the pack?)

Aside from that, it was great and I haven't seen anything like this in blockland yet. Great job!
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this is extremely cool

Have fun on hiatus, Resonte.

im still mad about that ddos or something last night when I was on L94