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the only quote i've saved

the only quote i've saved

screenshot more so you can become what your blf name is

from mafia madness:

context: this guy was revived as a corpse and imeditally teamkilled everyone on his team and after he did that he chatted (zombie sounds) which had everybody on the server in tears


okay one time as in a few days ago like yawa200 was on a server and he was admin and as soon as i join yawa200 banned sugar for some insane reason and i was loving astonished but i forgot to take a picture or something i have no idea what happened oh my god it was crazy

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when people were losing their stuff about Wrapperup's bedroom. Surprisingly ally my quote screenshots are corrupted and this is the latest one that works.

-ultra mega snip-

Right after I read that, I immediately got an email from PayPal giving me 20% off at Macy's.


from pictionary

is that server still around or is it dead forever

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