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ROBLOX Skyboxes
A Buncha Skyboxes from stuff sherlock
"Stop loving Turning this game into loving ROBLOX!" - Cannon666, 2016

Crappy Previews:

Classic Plain Sky

Starry Night

Alien Red

Walls of Autumn

The Utter East
this one looks a lot nicer in game

Broken Sky

Installation: Extract the Zip into your Add-Ons Folder. The Sun Flares are NECESSARY
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You posted Alien Red twice lol
OT: looks cool! I am so downloading this

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I've always liked the classic roblox skies, these are all really nice

now all we need is a space sandwich addon

The best things about ROBLOX: The physics and skyboxes!

Nice skyboxes OP, kudos to you.

old roblox is best roblox

the utter east and broken sky were some of my favorite skyboxes, thank you

Roblox has become crap recently but you can't deny the fact that the skyboxes look amazing

I should get this when I get back on the computer.

This is the 2000th Reply in EF.

This will go great with my Rocket Arena.