Author Topic: Alt tabbing breaks Blockland  (Read 1442 times)

I don't know why I haven't posted this yet in the 2 month span of this problem roaming free in my client.  This issue is a huge annoyance to me that forces me to restart Blockland every time I happen to alt tab and I'm not sure what is causing it to break.  Whenever I attempt to alt tab from my Blockland client and switch back to it, a few things happen to my client:

-I cannot perform basic functions such as moving around (wasd) and toggling light, but I can still jet and jump.

-When I use the chat function, I cannot backspace the characters I've typed nor can I press the escape key to cancel it.

-Pressing enter forces me to toggle fullscreen (much like alt+enter) for Blockland.

To confirm that my computer didn't screw up everything, alt tabbing doesn't break any other games/programs I have.

if you are on steam pressing shift-tab twice usually fixes this issue where the game thinks I'm holding down a button.

You need to get into the habit of pressing alt every time that happens, that will usually fixes it.
It's an issue with Windows/Blockland thinking that alt is still active when it is not.

If you use alt+tab to go away from bl but don't use alt+tab to go back to it, the last bl knows is "pressed alt"

Sorry to bump this topic guys, but this just happened to me.  I finally decided to update Blockland Glass, and I got the exact same symptoms as Redconer only after doing so.  Has anyone else had that?

Did any of you try deleting blockland glass and redownloading blockland? The update probably broke it.

It has nothing to do with any add-ons. Just press alt again.

do you, or have you tried to run the game in borderless mode?