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I've decided to create a room on dedicated to people on the BLF.
What is yourworldoftext?
Yourworldoftext is a site where people can make things such as ASCII art on an infinite blank slate.
1. No spam
2. Don't go over anyone else's creations unless given permission to do so or if it's spam.
More rules will be added whenever.
You can become a member instead of a guest on the room and be able to use the light gray members only areas, designated for you guessed it members only.

If you are a member you can also request for your creation to be protected so only members can modify it or no one but the owner, yours truly, can modify it (note if you are doing the latter, you won't be able to modify it either so make sure it's finished if you want to do this. You can always unlock it by asking me).

To become a member or to get your creation protected, just PM me on the forums with your username on the site, you must have an account registered to do so.
Triforce (by Zack) (-1,-2)
Hell.exe (by MrQueeba) (2,1)
Eiffel Tower (by Eon) (-3,0)
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>tries to log in with exact same password
>"Your username and password didn't match. Please try again."
>tries to send password forgotten email
>email not sending

My experience with ever single worldoftext:

My experience with ever single worldoftext:

if you want i can protect it like stated in the op

You never disappoint me, BLF

im surprised no one is spamming the stuffty harambe meme