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What is Brick4Brick?
Brick4Brick (B4B) is a clan for Blockland dedicated to creativity and productivity united under teamwork. Formed to breathe life into the community and the clan scene, we strive to bring new ideas to the table. If you are interested in this type of clan, keep reading to learn how to join.

How do I join Brick4Brick?
(Accepting new members right now)

Joining is simple, PM me when we are accepting new members with some examples of your work and why you would like to join. There is no specific application nor format, just show us what you can do. We won't accept everybody, but you can always try again next time when we are accepting new members again, just don't spam us with requests to get in.

Requirements to join:
  • Blockland Forums and Blockland account (unbanned/unrevoked, PM banned counts as banned)
  • Certain level of skill and experience (examples of work in the PM application have to be decent, so make sure they're your very best)
  • Method of contact outside BLF (Steam, Skype, etc) (Note: Discord is a must)

Requirements can be updated at any time, so please make sure you are up to date with them before submitting your request to join. If you are accepted you will be informed via PM and/or the method of contact outside the BLF.

How do I get accepted?
To be accepted into the clan, you must meet all requirements and describe why you want to join. You also need to show some of your past work (extremely important, your request to join will be instantly denied if you do not provide examples of work) that are of quality. All of the current members of the clan will look at your request and vote on if you should or should not be accepted.

Members as of November 5, 2016
  • Eon (co-founder)
  • Ipquarx (co-founder)
  • Conan (co-founder)
  • Hawt
  • RaIder915
  • SphericalCube
  • Kidalex90
  • rggbnnnnn


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~ Reserved ~Beat you Sylv

This looks nice, also founded by known active users, I wish you the best of luck!

solid members & respectable goal. really interested to see what you guys come up with. :cookie:

Hawt has been accepted into Brick4Brick.

what will be your first project or creation or whatever

what will be your first project or creation or whatever
We're still deciding. We can do something one of us left unfinished or try something completely new.

Totally make movie set for us BLC :)

I could join but i may not meet the requirements and i'm aleready on BLC and iEvent so it might be 2 much for me
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bru im in ievent and like 20 other dead clans

okay like we actually have something on the table that's reasonably possible to finish in the next two weeks

its just i can't be assed to work on it nor do i really have time so im only really able to provide help in reading the code and fixing any bugs.

We're working on a new project and we need builders, contact if interested.
Edit: Accepted RaIder915 into Brick4Brick
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if i give u a brick will u give me a brick

if i give u a brick will u give me a brick
is the brick green