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This is a repost from my website. Barely anyone even knows about my website and it felt weird that I wasn't mentioning my Blockland add-ons in the official place to release your Blockland add-ons, so here you go.

There were a lot of textures and assets that never made it from v20 to v21. I have managed to port and even remaster some of these assets (v21 has some higher resolution versions of v20 textures) to the modern game as environment files.

Author: piber20
As nearly everything here is taken directly from an older blockland version, these assets are likely free resources Badspot found for his game (there's a lot of that) or created/edited by him himself.



The dark blue sky is based off of the Bedroom Dark and Kitchen Dark maps, and is great for when you need a night setting for your builds. The black one is based off of Destruct, complete darkness, which is the polar opposide of the default white sky which imitated Construct. Both of these are dark skies, which helps as there are no dark night skies by default.



A whopping 28 new ground options for you to play with.

Some very notable things are the addition of a NONE option which allows you to replicate slate and skylands from v20, which had an invisible floor.
There's also some sand textures, which should be useful as sand was not an option by default.
As a bonus I have made my own version of the grass texture which best replicates how grass actually looked while ingame in v20.

- The skies have the same exact textures as some default skies, but are recolored by their "code" files. This is to replicate v20 skies in the best possible way, and to be compatable if someone were to change the environment settings in-game.
- The NONE option may be a little glitched at times. The fog in skyboxes seem to not like it too much.
- Each add-on included is specially named to be sorted right after or before default textures. That's why you will see 2 random letters after the add-on prefix. If this is considered a bad idea or is simply disliked, I'll change the names.

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