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Originally released on RTB (and as separate files due to RTB itself) and named "Default", potentially confusing people as to which prints are default or extra prints added by me. This problem is now somewhat remedied as all the files are now named MoreDefault. Here I present you the entire pack in one file, and I've touched up a few more things as well. Default style prints made for my L Shaped Bricks are also included here.

With this, all default print bricks now have prints ready for you to use that fit alongside the default prints.

Author: piber20
Nearly every single print in this pack is an edit of the default prints, done with the goal of making most prints work for other print sizes. The creator of the game, Badspot, probably made these. They may have also been free resources, like most of the other files in the game.
Version 2

(forgot to take a picture of the ramps)

Download Full Pack v2

If you cannot access my website for whatever reason, please check the mirrors below:
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Feel free to suggest changes and provide your constructive criticism. Don't make it nasty.
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Nice! this reminds me of a mod that allows every single print on any brick, so you could have like ModTer prints on 1x1s