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dowbmgload 37 MB

Most songs are looped by me, and have been optimised as best as possible without harming the playback quality too much - it's hard to tell or care in blockland, in audio programs you're probably going to notice the low quality.
Some songs may have been looped already by other people.

The biggest loop is 709 KB - MASHUP_-_anouncement2_wmv.ogg
The smallest loop is 71 KB - NOTMUSIC_-_Loud_climax.ogg
Contains 117 loops at the time of typing this.

10 loops are larger than what Badspot recommended. (500 KB)
(even though Paprika_-_Byakko_no.ogg is 1022 KB and After_School_Special.ogg 625 KB)
Shouldnt be too much of a problem compared to the amount of song files NOT over the recommendation.

Some names dont make sense, should be changed in the future.
Some loops are quite old, the oldest one was modified in Aug 2015.
Some loops are dumb or are very poor quality.
Some loops are loud.
Most loops should loop very nicely.

Lots of cancer

Really needs touching up but still works well
Also please dont play Blockland with thousands of music files active.

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Whats the most cancerous loop out of all the loops?

Whats the most cancerous loop out of all the loops?
That's a hard question.

NOTMUSIC_-_Trickshot_Reaction.ogg is pretty cancerous, the fact that I thought it would be a good idea to sort random songs as MASHUP, REMIX, and YTPMV is pretty cancer in itself. There's probably a lot of stuff in there that people would consider being more cancerous than I would.