Author Topic: Iban's Newest CityRPG (Fixed) (CityRPG3)  (Read 5961 times)

you should leak profitopia next

Took a quick look at the files, some files are missing files are in all kinds of places

Still interesting to see this
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Interesting, it looks like it was meant to post to an online SQL database. He was also using a hilariously short password of "rEswA2ab"

EDIT: I just remembered, I was in the beta for this ages and ages and ages ago. So, I looked at the zip, and... An access list!

What do we see in it?

Yep. Just a little fun thing to point out.
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wait what the forget how did you get this version

In the server.cs:
Code: [Select]
// NOTICE [9/27/2010]
// Do not ever release this into general circulation.
// People have tried in the past to milk fame by doing this.
// Jookia did it first to spite me by releasing the original
// CityRP. Diggy did it, again to spite me, by releasing my
// CityRPG that I gave him. He later released his modification
// of it to recieve kudos.
// It has NEVER worked.
// When the mod is released, I am more annoyed than aggrivated.
// I am more disapointed than sad. And, not to mention, the
// people that have released in the past were immediately
// ostracized by the community for being a huge starfish.
// If you have this document, it means you have been trusted
// with it. To distribute it, you prove that you are an awful
// human being. This goes beyond publication rights, it goes
// into what makes you up, the very fiber of your character.
// Nobody wants to see this mod out in the open. If you were
// thinking clearly, you would see it the same way.
// This mod should never be released, and you will get
// nothing but public contempt for doing so.