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With this clan I hope to create a Clan where anyone can join no matter what experience you have. A clan where you can learn different things from other players, while doing so create builds and other things as a community. I also have always wanted to create a Clan, so I am taking a shot at it.

I would like to think of this clan as mostly a building clan. But anyone is able to join. I hope to create many projects in the future as one clan, while also to look at the possibility of collaborating with another clan.

How do I join?

      Well thats fairly simple, just follow this APP:
BLF and IG name (just say one if the same)

Any kinda of ban or anything while on the Forums?:

What do you tend to do? Ex: Building
- What is your favorite thing to build (If building)? Ex: Terrain, Sci-fi things.
- Examples of work?

Why do you wanna join?

*So far, it is only me. I hope to build this clan up eventually.*

Sketcher - Founder Head of Building and Terrain

Active Projects
Creating a Head Quarters currently.
BSS. Ryno (Gallery Topic:

Postponed/Dead Projects

-The OP will be updated soon-
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Idk if I'll join, but you've seen my work. Your even helping me out with it to.

fun idea for a clan, hope to see ya do cool things