Author Topic: I want the old blockland back.  (Read 1605 times)

I miss the good old days of Blockland, back when people would play the game to see new and exciting things on servers and build with their friends. But now there is no solid base of people playing and Popular servers to keep the game going. THIS IS A CALL to the Blockland developers to make new content. If there was a new aspect to the game of Blockland people would join again and it could be like old times. The reason it was so popular before is because players had something to create with something that was new. That's what brought people toward the game. There just hasn't been a solid release in years and we need this again. Don't just let you're game die, keep it going and it will get bigger than it ever was. We can bring it back, we just need enough people to call out the mains. REPLY IF YOU AGREE. :cookieMonster:

So you're saying Blockland is dead?  We died many times in the past.

Is it just me, or does the majority of "blockland has no original content creators" happen most during the school year? Yaknow, the people where everyone is busiest the most?

are you that infamous player solaria the pirate or something

another one bites the dust

I guess this could be added to the list.
Blockland died a lot of times in 2014.