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tonys been around since the egytpians

Tony's been around since like 2007

I plan on hosting again soon but RDR2 online came out and NMS's updates are pretty cool

is nms good now

Are you literally following me around? Just stop.

You seem to want attention from me just like the rest.

Stop being a sheep trying to get easy attention.

Be your own person. Don't follow me around like the other circlejerks and band wagons.

You're wasting your time.

He asked an honest question, quit being so paranoid

He asked an honest question, quit being so paranoid

If you want I can quote a whole loving page worth of stuff he's been doing.

It's the same stuff boltster did to me, the same stuff piecrust has been doing, the same stuff Col. Burton has been doing and so on.

I'm not handicapped lol. These people with their "honest questions" have ulterior motives.

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Anyways onto business.

Medieval RPG going good.