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I had a hard time looking at this:

Oh no

oh that's great, now I am getting nightmares

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first day of 7th grade

Ah, Gemerl with red eyes. My favorite config for colors in sonic battle for Emerl.

Head. Just... Head.

Black Ace!

Way worse if you ask me.

Ran one of my photoshop experiments through to see what would come out of it.

literally just zoomed in on the leg


did a new one

I like the font TBH but the cat's head what even

anyways I'm busy mashing "Hit me again, bartender" on this one image it doesn't know what to do with to see what it ends up with.

EDIT: Here ya go. I've posted the original somewhere on the forums this year (I think it was this year), can you find it?
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We had some trouble sending the image to the server. Please try again.

looked at the FAQ, it can do gifs.

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