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Brick Theory - Brick Walls

I will be going over a few nice ways to go about styling a brick wall with non-default bricks
Different brick wall styles can show weathering and damage

Bricks Used
Bevel Bricks
Half Bricks (Updated with Brick Icons)
Glass Bricks
Small Bricks
1x2 Uneven Brick

Standard 1x2 Brick
Here is the standard 1x2 brick wall pattern that most people are by now familiar with.
Tight seams, the wall appear new/unworn.
Not much to note other than that it mimics a brick pattern effectively in a pinch.

Also works with Bevel Bricks
Not a solid as default 1x2 walls, but gives a bit more to look at.
Tip: Because Bevel Bricks do not have hard corners, Bevel Bricked walls will have small gaps.
Using glass bricks to fill the gaps is recommended if this is not a desired effect.

Beveled 1x2 Variant
Adding Bevel Bricks mixed into the Standard 1x2 Brick pattern makes the bricks appear slightly weathered.
It also gives the wall a bit more texture making it more appealing to look at using no more bricks.

Offset 1x2 Variant
Throwing the 1x2 Offset brick into the wall gives the bricks depth as bricks can now pop out and recede as needed.
Mixing with bevel bricks is quite effective in making a weathered brick wall.
Using this style is useful for making dilapidated or unstable looking brick walls.

By placing Bevel Bricks first and then filling in the gaps you can achieve a plaster and brick wall.
This method tends to be a bit costly on brick counts.
I recommend Half Bricks to help fill gaps

Scatter Wall
Using Glass Bricks as a base and spacing out bricks (bevel or normal) is a good way to make a breaking/crumbling wall
I recommend using this style along side another style as a stand alone wall in this style would not stand (literally)

Can also be effective when paired with Small Bricks
Emulates a heavily weathered plaster and brick wall

Using these methods have yielded decent results for me in the past.

I hope somebody can use this.
Any good tips or tricks posted here will be added to the OP

Really nice! Would be cool if you could make more of these for other builds.

I would like to if this goes over well

i like the idea of mixing a few beveled bricks into a brick wall.  huge improvement.