Author Topic: Is blockland gonna die?  (Read 6481 times)

some say he was the first Blockland player ever...
Born in the basement

It's funny how people have made light of the situation by constantly making TheLegend27 jokes.

I feel like if the game got some bug fixes and improvments it has enough people to bring it back. its a solid game it just needs more ironing out.
Sadly i don't think that is going to happen and it will slowly die instead

He almost killed me today.

i keep trying to play blockland, but one player keeps killing the game
it was thelegend27

And Badspot adds this to the list.

blockland isnt dying
we are...

some of you guys are cool, don't come to blockland tomorrow

where's that loving list?

anddd its already been added to the list yayyyy

another one onto the list