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Lets look at why airplanes are more and more reliable now a days.

The main reason that aircraft accidents occur are because of a sweaty pilot. 100% of aircraft accidents had a pilot that began to sweat moments before the accident itself.

In the past, aircrafts used propellers. The propellers moved air into the roosterpit like a fan, keeping the pilot cool. The pilot therefor didn't sweat and the plane flew perfectly. But, as soon as the propeller stopped spinning, the pilot began to sweat and the aircraft began to fall to its death.

Now a days, aircrafts have turbines. Turbines work differently. They are air compressors. The turbines compress air and that air goes to the A/C in the roosterpit, keeping the pilot very cool. That's why moden planes fly much better than in the past.

TL;DR The aircrafts fly thanks to the pilot. Physics are a chineese invention and do not exist.

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Did you know? Airports are ports for vessels that fly.

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