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I'd love to join, but -
I feel I have a lack of confidence when building - it just floats around in my head - "how do we do this? man that looks impossible to do"
yes, I need some confidence classes. A couple of practice classes would be great - that would up my confidence. (sorry if I haven't read all replies)
Also, shouldn't we have an Intern rank in the clan? (Y'know, so people have a chance to familiarise with their colleagues and whatnot)
Or a Student rank..

edit - TL;DR i can build but lack of confidence can prevent me from building
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I'm interested but I'm not the best builder.  Events (especially bots) are my strengths though, but even my events are mediocre.  I guess I'm half decent at small details and the like, but other than that I'm not really good at building.

Just bumping this to say that progress on the HQ and building school will resume soon.

I would like to join... But I am not quite understanding the application part.
Also, I am good at eventing and building.. I want to join but don't want anything like the basement initiation scene in Zootopia. Aside from that I also lack skill to pull things off.
Imagine this: A small City growing fast and a sun set in the background. People roam the streets, where tall skyscrapers roam the orange sky glittering with stars. A new building is beng built, a store from the looks of it's shape. Streets are littered with cars and the smell of gasoline is everywhere.
Heh, sorry I get caught up in my "story mode" sometimes. What I mean is that I can vividly imagine​  every detail on things, but I can't build it the way I want or I just can't build it the way I like. Hope you consider me as a worthy builder or event.

You beat me to creating a building clan. :3

Edit - When would it be possible for me to come apply?
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Hello yes do you take requests ? Will pay in bones.

Sooo.... How do you do the applications cause I'd like to join if possible!

i would join but it looks like you must be good with small bricks (i'm not) and i am better at 1x1 no lines kind of stuff (there's a gallery thread showcasing my fort)

Looks great, keep it up!

The past few days I've been hosting periodically to build a fun zombie survival map. I put indev in the server title and it gets ppl discussing the clan :) Will post some pics soon
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gonna go ahead and bump this to notify everyone that we have some projects in mind and are planning on them in the near future. inactivity struck our clan like a heavy blow as pretty much all of us have school and/or work to focus on.

i had kind of a rough start of the school year so im gonna get mostly caught up on my schoolwork and then the community will be able to see a lot more from this clan, i promise :)

hello yes i would like to apply

Coming this Christmas :)