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Welcome to TorqueScript Decompiled. TorqueScript Decompiled is an all new coding clan that is made by beginners for beginners.

Wait... Why?

Many veteran coders may see this as a stupid idea, "Why the heck would you make a clan for coding, if you're a beginnner!?"
Well, as a beginner, I and many others note the struggles in taking up a new hobby like coding when it comes to communication.
Most experienced coders know the common terms and common information in coding, but they never seem to be able to explain it to anyone outside of their
group of coders.

Like could you explain that functions take multiple common console commands and streamline them into a single piece of command so that a user could use them later without having
to type all those console commands one after the other and instead all you need to type is "functionName()"?
Code: [Select]
Function functionName()
  echo("this is a console command")

I've seen many coders stumble over their words in tutorials and sometimes outright making nonsense sentences.
So by creating a clan for beginner coders, I believe two things can happen.

One, I believe we can create a new coding community that can communicate with each other and other newcomers without scaring them away with
terminology that they could learn later instead of immediately.

Two, If we can create more coders for Blockland, we may be able to add more life to servers and such.
I feel it is very limiting when we only can rely on the continuously shrinking group of TorqueScript coders to create new content for this game.

Of course I'm not going to create a crash course in this, but I do believe that different individuals can 'decode' other tutorials online and we may even be able to include some veteran coders to help, assuming that they can help us deconstruct certain things.


Anyone anyone can become part of the TSD clan without applying. (feel free to use your clan tags and put TSD on either side.)

BUT if you do wish to apply then you will be noted up here, the TSD clan will have a discord in the future for the purposes of helping other beginner coders out.

Application Template (Optional):

Do you have any previous coding experience. Do, please include formatting languages:
Do you have a specific position you want to be a part of? [Veteran, Not So Beginner, Other]:

Current Members (Note: only members who applied will be listed here.)

Master Matthew

Re: Torque Script: Decompiled - The blind leading the blind!

Its more like the those close to the starting line slowly pulling eachother forward.
One day I'm sure TSD will no longer be like that.

But we do need to help beginners somehow!

But we do need to help beginners somehow!
If only we had a board on this forum where beginners could post to receive coding help

If only we had a board on this forum where beginners could post to receive coding help