Author Topic: Another bunch of SpeedKart tracks (and a FASTKarts one too)  (Read 1692 times)

yeah so this is mostly what i do
if you thought i was finished then you thought wrong

Now featuring: Tracks you most likely have never seen.

Autism Raceway Modified

Kidalex90's joke track, now with a new spin for added playability (I'm being half-serious on this).

Original track here.

FASTKarts version here.
this one's for you piber ;^)

Gailzraph Raceway

I don't know much about this track, other than it being made by someone called Ezraph. It's not really suited for SpeedKart, given it's multiple paths and non-ModTer bricks, but there's nothing else I can do.

Found in Meta_KnightX's SpeedKart X GameMode. I have no idea why.

Pirate Island

At long last, Puffin/Rink/snowplower's track is available for everyone!

Before uploading, I had previously asked him about whether I could distribute this track, to which he said yes. And now here it is.

This track could be found in Filipe's SpeedKart server.

Here's a modified version.

The beginning part should be wider, making it easier for players to stay on track.

Hydro Plant Revisit

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Could you post pictures?

when i read autism raceway my ego increased by 200% thank you

fun fact: i made autism raceway after learning about love for the first time
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