Author Topic: L2D of blockland ID= what you do at 3 AM  (Read 5090 times)

riding balloons

i'd rather ride serena from pokemon
19 club yay

riding balloons with mocheeze

Children A 3d printed model of your blockhead

fighting children

what am i doing with my life

destroying a 3d printed model of my blockhead


Sleeping with... balloons?

As for my other alts...

Smashing plants and worshipping a wrench... Christ, have I created a new religion?
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Non-Steam BL_ID: Burning Wrenches. Yeah, forget wrenches.

Steam BL_ID: Burning Weapons. Do I have Pyrokinesis or some stuff like why do I burn random objects.

Riding Serena from Pokemon
alt - Eating Serena from Pokemon
aaaalt - Smashing balloons.

14771 = 71 = "burning your pc"

fighting a wrench? that's just lovely

Sleeping with a wrench.