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I now realize how pointless making this thread is.
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we build on the great thread of blockland deaths, that's what

a thread from 12 years ago?
yea even 12 years ago blockland kept dying

Welp, Badspot will probably add this to his "blockland death records"

another topic for the list

Of course it's dying, everything comes to an end and thinking negatively about it is arrogant. Obviously Blockland is not dead, but it's coming to a decline and the only thing that could revive it is multiple servers, and I am not talking about 5 good servers. We would need many great servers. I'm also not saying it's impossible to revive, but highly unlikely. You also have to think about how Badspot feels about his game, Ephialtes stated before he left that he would help develop for Blockland but something happened and it's clear Badspot doesn't want to continue it. It's not a bad thing, it's just not what he wants from clear observation.
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maybe you should have accepted my declaration of war

maybe you should have accepted my declaration of war

Except who cares.