Author Topic: CONGRATZZZ Part 3 Last one!  (Read 1785 times)

Here is where, I'm going to explain everything. It took some time too think about and SCREW IT right? So lets all just call this bad communication because I'm already bored of all this riddles they aren't easy too come up with ya know (yes they are) Anyways!

I'm going to say what everyone else is saying, Blockland, is dead. Not dying, its dead. The killer? Badspot, I'd like too point out that instead of removing all the maps he could have simply added a flatland map and left the game alone, But he deliberately removed all of them instead of leaving the game alone not caring about it, he removed it. He killed the greatest part of blockland instead of adding something so simple too the game he removed everything and made it into crap, here is my question. WHY Badspot! WHY did you?!?! This post may get removed and may get deleted but I hope some people get the chance too read it and if you do, please Realize badspot did all this probably knowing full well it would kill the game. So why? why did he though what was the objective. I don't know was he afraid of reviews? The money?! Who knows But this is the greatest mystery I think of Blockland, Did something go wrong with Blockland-Prototype? I don't know leave comments please! of why you think he made the game worse it just doesn't add up. Badspot, what are you doing what are you planning, why did you kill Blockland on purpose. ALSO He is obviously scared of the truth getting out this is why I did riddles he still moderates BL forums, and someone gets banned when posting Blockland is dying. So why are you afraid of that though, its true. I'll probably be banned maybe for saying all this. But someone has to. Good luck to all.

Yep, we have another

Throw it on the pile, lads.

look blockland died for the 23412935123415rd time.

everyone knows its run its course. get over it.

So if you were planning on explaining now, why the first 2 riddles.

Also why the need to tell everyone its dead? Everyone's aware of the state of the game.  If people really think its dead/boring, we just won't play.  Not like a post from a user makes it officially offline and taken down or anything.

everyone knows the game is dying, but there's no need to stuff up the forums with garbage topics like these.

oh god did it die for really for real this time oh god

great thread, truly one for the history books

add it to the list

the ironic thing too is that I'm pretty sure the OP isn't under the age of 15

I agree, the removal of maps was calculated sabotage

lol you're really smart aren't you
for one kompressor removed maps, but badspot said they were screwing with the other mechanics of the game involving shaders
if he felt having shaders made the game look more cleaner than with maps (which it seriously does btw) then who the forget are you to say no?

I agree, the removal of maps was calculated sabotage


yawa does sugar still think I'm your brother

the ironic thing too is that I'm pretty sure the OP isn't under the age of 15
He's probably 15 by now.