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i'm trying out this thing where theres a slayer tdm with a very simple map and playstyle, and then every few rounds, it changes completely to another map and playstyle
and each round is like 1-2 minutes so its short as the richardens

sort of like if you got those simple gamemodes like boulder dash or spear spleef and put them into a server that put it on a cycle but tdm-based

useful for all those niche tdm ideas that would be too boring to dedicate an entire server to

ex: of tdm maps

it's being hosted right now in a test

hosting isnt working. i dunno why
i should figure that out or something
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what types of playstyles are there?

simple tdm but with different maps and weapons (ex: spear spleef)
there is also the occasional capture the point or attack & defend
in total there are 8 so far
they're rather easy to make
there aren't any weapon add-ons yet also

the entire idea comes from gmod

i like simple tdm. but not enough maps are built for it like the good ol days ; ;


theres a map cycle that actually works now
note that its not really meant to be used with slayer but okay

still i have to try it out

hey suckers get on its open

its dead jim
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I played it the other day and I can safely say this is fun.